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  • The Original Juice Cleanse Company

    We were originally known as Schkinny Maninny and faithfully delivered high quality juice cleanses, smoothies, salads, snacks and healthy day packs to QLD, NSW and VIC for nearly 10 years, before we decided we wanted to refocus our brand on your health and not your body size. We changed our name to Goddess Blends because we felt it was time to for every woman to treat herself like a Goddess!

    We aim to support you along every stage of your health journey, from Juice Cleanses that give your body a clean-up and reset, to Fasting for weight-loss and overall health improvement, to our customisable Healthy Day Packs that help you maintain your healthy lifestyle and keep you going full steam ahead. We make being healthy easy by delivering to your home or workplace Monday to Friday.

    We choose to buck the current trend of heat pasteurisation as it kills all heat sensitive nutrients including vitamin C and all B vitamins. We also refuse to add preservatives or any artificial colours or flavours, instead believing that delicious products can be created using natural herbs and spices.

    Click Learn More in the menu above to read more about each option and checkout our Guiding Goddess Blog for heaps of tips and tricks to being your best Goddess self xo

    Healthy food and juices

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    We believe that everyone should have access to healthy food. REAL healthy food. Our nutritionist owner is adamant that as many nutrients as possible must be retained for our customers. We therefore cold press all of our juices and put all of our juices, soups and smoothies through high pressure pasteurisation (HPP), a cold water process that literally applies a tonne of pressure to the products in the bottles which kills the microbes that cause fermentation. We also refuse to add preservatives or any artificial colours or flavours. Try one of our nutrition packed juices today!

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