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When you get a headache what do you do?  Do you instinctively ask yourself how much water you have drunk today or do you reach straight for the medicine cabinet?  Are you reaching into the same cabinet when you have a stomach ache, muscle cramps, toothache, constipation, cold or flu symptoms and other every day ‘ailments’?


Are you aware that what are commonly called ‘old wives tales’ which tend to be quickly dismissed in favour of modern pharmaceutical treatments do actually have some merit?


Mother Nature has provided us with an abundance of natural healing remedies that have been used for years by our ancestors.  The power within food, herbs, water, sunshine and a little exercise cannot be underestimated not only for disease prevention but also during times of poor health. 


Have you ever noticed that when you do feel unwell or experience sickness one of the first signs is that you lose your appetite?  This is because your body needs its energy to begin the healing process rather than use it to digest food – which incidentally is where most of our energy from foods goes!  By taking a break from food you allow your body to work on the cause of discomfort and you inner self knows this instinctively.


Think about the foods around you and then picture the human body and its organs.  Do you see any similarities?


The next time you cut a carrot in half have a look and see that it looks just like your eye.  Full of beta-carotene and other essential minerals this superfood is vital to maintaining eye health and we have all heard the saying that eating carrots helps you to see in the dark!


Have you ever noticed that a walnut looks just like the brain?  You can see left and right hemispheres, wrinkles and they come in a shell or ‘skull’.  Walnuts are full of Omega-3 fats and are excellent brain foods as your brain is 60% structural fat so they directly feed the cell membranes exactly what it needs.


Ever wondered how kidney beans got their name?  This one is easy! They have the same texture, colour and shape as your kidneys, are full of essential nutrients that help to cleanse the digestive tract and are a rich source of fibre.


Next time you make a salad, chop a tomato in half and notice how it has four chambers and is red, just like your heart.  Tomatoes are packed full of antioxidants which are shown to promote a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.


Think of your skeleton, imagine your bones and now picture sticks of celery and rhubarb.  These foods target bone strength specifically – they are 23% sodium which is the same as your bones!  If you do not have enough sodium in your diet the body will pull it from your bones which can lead to making them weak.  Crunch on celery sticks and stew rhubarb to boost your bones!


Pears, avocado and eggplant promote healthy functions within females as they look just like the womb.  Eating an avocado a week not only helps to balance hormones but also provides a boost of folic acid, vitamin E and K – the perfect pre-menstrual food solution.


There are so many foods available to us that are naturally healing for both preventing disease and more importantly to use instead of a pill, powder or potion.  Our bodies are designed to recognise the nutrients within food, it knows how to digest and extract what is required to heal.


The next time you find yourself reaching into the medicine cabinet, just take 5 mins to research an alternative natural food solution.  You can contact a local holistic nutritionist or naturopath instead of a doctor to learn a different perspective.  I’m not saying you should dismiss your doctor’s advice, I’m just asking you to be open to alternative options and then listen to your intuition.


 CJ’s Top Tips

  • Eat a wide variety of coloured fruit and vegetables each week to aid in disease prevention – where possible try to but organic and locally grown.
  • Drink hot water with fresh lemon juice and honey when you have a sore throat or cold
  • Learn to listen to your body when you feel under the weather, what is it that it truly needs?
  • Ensure you spend time outdoors each day, be invigorated by the fresh air and energised by the sun.
  • Laugh every day – happiness is the true key to health


Claire Johnson

Nutrition & Fitness Specialist

Level 2 Fitness Australia Registered Professional

International Academy of Physique Conditioning (IAPC) Qualified Trainer

+ 61 404 985283

Claire Johnson (CJ) is a nutrition and exercise specialist with over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industries of both the UK and Australia.  CJ is passionate about creating a disease free world through healthy eating and exercise and on a mission to inspire others to make easy changes in their world so they can live energised and excited about life. Currently based in Sydney, CJ is a Fitness Australia Registered Professional and International Academy of Physique Conditioning (IAPC) Qualified Trainer and can be contacted for a personalised wellness program at

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