5 High protein Veggies to Add to your Diet

Not getting enough protein on a plant-based diet is one of the biggest myths preventing people from drastically reducing or eliminating meat from their diet. If you're concerned about getting enough protein on a plant-based diet, here are the top 5 protein-rich veggies to add in:

1) Edamame - 18g p/cup
This surprising green bean is packed full of protein! It can be easily added to salads, buddha bowls or eaten on its own as a snack. Here's a great recipe to try using edamame as a dip (with another protein-rich superstar - avocado!). 

2) Green Peas - 8g p/cup
There is a reason why pea protein is one of the most common plant-based protein powders on the market. As a powder, it can be added to smoothies, smoothie bowls, cookies, pancakes, waffles you name it! Here's a delicious-looking chocolate chip cookie recipe that even I approve of!

3)  Corn and Spinach - 5g p/cup
These are 2 of our fave protein-rich veggies here at Goddess Blends! You'll find them in several of our soups (Creme of Spinach) and salads (Colourful Mexican, Tuscan Chickpea, Zucchini Noodle & Mushroom Blackbean) because they are not only amazingly good for you but also scrumptious :)

4) Sugar snap peas, Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus - 4g p/cup
4 veggies come in at #4 with 4g of protein per cup. My number-obsessed daughter was super impressed with this! lol Sugar snap peas are super tasty raw or flash boiled! I bet you didn't think potatoes would make the list, did you? Just make sure you leave the skin on! Brussel sprouts - what can I say? Yes, they make the list, but who actually eats them? I have no special tricks up my sleeve for that one. But asparagus! I feel it is the most underrated veggie of them all! If properly prepared, it can be seriously delicious, whether pan-fried, flash steamed, over baked or blended into a soup. Here's a recipe combining both crispy potatoes and asparagus.

5) Broccoli - 3g p/cup
You knew that broccoli was going to make the list somewhere. Its high protein content, coupled with its high fibre content, is why this versatile veggie has been the darling of the gym world for well over a decade now. Anyone who had ever followed a typical weights + nutrition program will have experienced eating broccoli with nearly every meal. It's no longer the bland, over-steamed vegetable our parents were served as children. Here's a link to 38 broccoli recipes that even broccoli haters can't hate! Note - They're not all vegan, but if you're adding more veggies to your diet, I'm happy with that :)

Challenge yourself to see what protein-rich veggies you can add into your meals this week.

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