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 Well, I am officially obsessed with Biggest Loser!!  I don't miss it.  It always make me feel so motivated to just go for a run!  To get all hot sweaty and exhausted.  I figure if these morbidly obese people can exercise every day for 4-5 hours day (I know they don't have jobs to do during the day) but I can surely find 30 mins every day to get my heart rate up and get sweaty.  I especially loved last season when they did the half marathon - AMAZING effort really - especially when there are lots of non-morbidly obese people that would tell you they "can't do it".

 Also, you need to understand that whilst I empathise with them, they have been bullied, some have had terrible tragedies become them, others have been made to feel inadequate.  None of these things I would wish on anyone.  BUT, whilst I feel for them, I certainly don't feel sorry for them.

One of the contestants made a comment early in the season, it was something along the lines of, "I made a choice" I thought to myself, YES, you did make a choice....  And on the outside, it looks like it wasn't the right choice...  I thought he was really ready to take ownership for the choices we all have in life.  But anyways, it seems as though he probably isn't (if anyone is watching, then you will know who I am referring to). 

But all of those contestants had a choice...  They could chose to abuse their bodies, their self esteem, self worth and self belief - or not.  The same choice that drug addicts, alcoholics, gambling addicts have.  I certainly don't think it is an easy path to follow, but in a world we are lucky enough to have choices about what we do to our bodies (in Australia we are not dying of starvation) then it seems crazy that people are making the wrong choice!

So for everything you put in your mouth today, think about the hoice that you are making!  Is it the right choice to treat your body with the respect and value it deserves?

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