Coffee and detoxing!

 When I did my first juice detox, back in the day, I ended up getting quite nauseous and vomitting!  

At the time, I thought to myself, I am normally very healthy person, I ate mostly gluten free diet, with low dairy, lots of fruits and vegetables, with minimal processed carbs.  I exercised about 4 times/week and quite easily maintained my 50kg frame.  I worked in a corporate environment from 7:30am-5:30pm, Monday to Friday.  I was not on any significant medication, only the pill, and had never had any real serious health complaints!

So you can imagine my suprise when I did my first juice detox, and during the first day I started to get horribly nauseous, and then even started vomitting!  I thought this was very strange....  It was only fruit and veggies, I had done it all at home for myself, so there was contamination or possible food poisening.  And yet, I had to pull my car over on day one, and projectile vomit out the door!  Perplexing!

I was a coffee drinker - not a huge one - but I drank the instant stuff - and maybe 3 cups a day....  Which at the time didn't really ring up as a problem...  But on further thought and review of what I was doing to my body with my daily diet (the main reason I did my juice detox was to see if there was a better way to feel) I had to conclude that the instant coffee must have been the culprit.

There are few facts are instant coffee I dug up:

  • It has less cafestol than brewed coffee (cafestol increases cholesterol) - TICK
  • The caffeine content is generally lower than brewed coffee - TICK
  • It also has some nutrient value (such as chromium and magnesium) - TICK
  • It is high in a toxic compound called "acrylamide" which has been shown to cause cancer in animals - UH OH......

So it turns out that not too much is known about this "acrylamide".  It was only discovered in 2002 and apparently scientists still don't know the extent of its dangers.  And funnily enough when I started to research more about acrylamide, our own Food Safety authority (Food Standards Australia) has posted an article suggesting that while "There is no direct evidence acrylamide causes cancer in humans but food regulators, including FSANZ, agree that we should reduce our exposure." 

Which is interesting in that it also found in other preserved and processed foods, such as fried potato products, sweet biscuits, and wheat biscuit style cereals.  I am not a scientist, nor I am planning to report signicant findings on the use of this chemical in food.  I haven't conducted any experiments and don't plan too.  But as someone interested in their health and understanding what it is actually going into my body, I thought it was an interesting finding based on my own personal experience during my first detox.  

Consequently, I have made it a bit a rule when our customers tell me they are having symptoms similar to mine on first detox, I always ask the question about instant coffee.  Once again, I can't say conclusively, but the general rule is that those having nausea and vomitting symptoms in the first few days, generally drink instant coffee.  But not everyone who has these symptoms is a instant coffee drinker - but it may even be that they do consume high amounts of the other food products that acrylamide is present in....

Like I said, not breaking news - but certainly interesting to think about when you work in an office environment with free instant coffee on tap??


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