Do you know what really goes into your juice?

Here is a little quiz to see just how much you think goes into your juices each day???

If I were to juice a whole continental cucumber (the long ones), how much juice do you think it would produce?

a) Approximately 500ml

b) Approximately 300ml

c) Approximately 100ml

If I were to juice up 1 whole bunch of celery, how much juice do you think it would produce?

a) About 1 litre

b) About 1.5 litres

c) About 500mls

How many apples would I need to juice to make up 250mls (1 cup of apple juice)?

a) 1 apple

b) 2 apples

c) 3 apples

How many carrots would I need to juice to make up 1 litre of carrot juice?

a) ½ kilo

b) 1 kilo

c) 2 kilos

If you guessed the following answers, c, c, c and c then you would be right! You would be surprised about just how much raw materials need to be used to get a big volume of juice. So it is not surprising that juices can be more expensive than a salad, or a sandwich.  

I read an article recently about someone who previously had made a habit of drinking fizzy energy drinks every afternoon. It was their “afternoon pick-me-up”. But then they discovered the power of fresh juice! They were simply amazed at the buzz they could get from a fresh fruit and vegetable juice! Think of all that raw nourishment - vitamins, minerals and enzymes - that you're flooding your body with!

Here at Goddess Blends we use only fresh fruit and vegetables in all of our juices to give you the most amount of awesomeness in a bottle :)

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