Do you know what really goes into your juice?

Here is a little quiz to see just how much you think goes into your juices each day???

If I were to juice a whole continental cucumber (the long ones), how much juice do you think it would produce?

a) Approximately 500ml

b) Approximately 300ml

c) Approximately 100ml

If I were to juice up 1 whole bunch of celery, how much juice do you think it would produce?

a) About 1 litre

b) About 1.5 litres

c) About 500mls

How many apples would I need to juice to make up 250mls (1 cup of apple juice)?

a) 1 apple

b) 2 apples

c) 3 apples

How many carrots would I need to juice to make up 1 litre of carrot juice?

a) ½ kilo

b) 1 kilo

c) 2 kilos

If you guessed the following answers, c, c, c and c then you would be right! You would be surprised about just how much raw materials need to be used to get a big volume of juice. So it is not surprising that juices can be more expensive than a salad, or a sandwich.  Think of all that raw nourishment that is being squeezed out.

I read an article recently about someone who previously had made a habit of drinking fizzy energy drinks every afternoon. It was their “afternoon pick-me-up”. But then they discovered the power of raw fresh juice! They were simply amazed at the buzz they could get from a fresh fruit and vegetable juice – which I find it amazing that they were amazed, when it makes perfect sense to me.  I even got a surprising call yesterday from one of our cleansers that she found it difficult to drink our juices!  I know that not all things are for all taste buds – but to say that she couldn’t drink vegetables in a juice made me fall off my chair! Let that be a lesson to all, Schkinny Maninny DOES use fresh raw vegetables in all of our juices – buyer beware.... :)

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