New exercises for a new year!


My new years resolution was a very simple one – a little bit hippy, but hey, I did grow up in the hills around Byron Bay!  I vowed to myself to be more present in everything I do.  I was a bad one for having my head on the next task I needed to do,  being two places at once (my head in one and my body in another) and dreading that it is “only Tuesday, but it feels like Thursday”.  I did that a lot last year, and surprise, surprise, I found that time rushed by so quickly I felt I lost a year of my life without realizing it.  So I am going to be slow, breath and just live it/work it/enjoy it – whatever IT happens to be happening RIGHT NOW!

The other thing I thought I might try is a new exercise regime.  I am a big believer in doing weight bearing exercise, so not just having your exercise made up of cardio (running, swimming, walking, aerobics, etc) but keeping your muscles strong at the gym.  But I have always been prone to getting quite muscled up too.  So I never lifted big weights, but I did go once a  week to do some weights at the gym.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t the biggest fan of doing it.  But I just sucked it up and did it!  But I was still never quite happy with my lower half, I still felt it looked chunkier that it should.  So since the start of the holidays and up to now I have not been to the gym!  Don’t get too excited, the message of this newsletter is not to quit your gym membership!  BUT I have swapped my once a week weights session for a 3-4 times mini body weight session – and I am very happy with the outcome.  I am leaner, stronger and tighter.

So here is my 20 minute work out you can do 4 times a week.  Just in your lounge room, or park, or garage, or in the gym if you like!

1st set = 30 squats, then 10 push-ups, 30 squats, then another 10 push-ups, another 30 squats, another 10 push-ups

Instructions: do these quickly, and straight after each other, you are supposed to feel a little of breath and your legs and shoulders are supposed to be burning.  If they aren’t you aren’t doing them right.  If you like to whinge about how it isn’t working for you, then continue doing it half arsed, but if you want it to work, get it to burn! Look on YouTube for a proper squat technique if you don’t know.

2nd set = 10 Left leg lunges, 10 right leg,, 1 min plank, then 10 left leg lunges, 10 right, another 1 min plank, another 10 left leg, 10 right leg and final 1 min plank.

Instructions = google correct lunge positions/techniques if you don’t know.  Do the plank on your toes, it is supposed to hurt!

3rd set = 20 left leg lunge with knee lift, 20 right leg lunge with knee lift, then  10 tricep push-ups, 20 left leg lunge with knee lft, 20 right leg, another 10 tricep push-ups, last 20 left leg lunge with knee lift, 20 right leg, and then last 10 tricep push-ups.

Instructions: don’t dilly dally in between, keep moving, keep yourself a little out of breath, and get the burn!  Google power lunges and tricep push- ups if you don’t know how to do them.  The lunge with a knee lift is just a lunge where one foot stays on the ground, the other foot goes back into a lunge position, then it comes all the way through to the front and you lift your knee in front of you – SQUEEEEZE your butt!

So if exercise more was in your new years resolution, here is a really simple and effective start!  It won’t take lots of time, just think of it as a not so fun job, like ironing, that you have to do 4 times a week…  Or if a better diet was your new years resolution, then you can see the links to start your detox!  What are you waiting for?

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