Your ESSENTIAL Spring shopping list - keep that Schkinny feeling for longer


It is beginning to feel like we skipped Spring and went straight into Summer….  It is a nice reminder to think about meal ideas for lunch and dinner to keep you feeling energized and “schkinny”.

We have come up with a great shopping list of foods that should be on your weekly shopping list that make eating healthy and maintaining that “clean” feeling super easy!  You can add to this list with your own extras - like fresh meats, fish, tofu and other vegies.  But these should be essentials to your list every week.

Fresh herbs – we love continental parsely and coriander.  Always grab a bunch in your shopping.  Don’t worry if you don’t use it normally, once it is in the fridge you will find ways to put in anything.  The fresh green herbs add extra flavor WITHOUT fat, salt and sugar.  Plus a lovely little chlorophyll hit!

Romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, Spanish onion, avocado – ALWAYS get these ingredients, each week!  NEVER MISS IT!  They are soooo easy to make it a simple salad that requires no dressing or separate out into other dishes.  Cucumber, onion and tomato shopped up very finely WITH coriander is an easy salsa.  Avocado, onion and lettuce is an easy green side salad for a cooked dish. 

Lemons – always get a few lemons with your shopping.  Lemon juice and herbs are natures own salad dressing.  You will be less tempted to want to add something “extra” when you have some lemon juice for extra flavor.

Beans and legumes – always get a tin of lentils and a tin of chickpeans.  They are cooked, but they are easy quick and healthy options to add into a salad.  Try chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, onion, avocado with freshed chopped parsley and dressed with lemon juice!  Honestly you will wonder why you never thought of it before… So simple!

Sunflower seeds and chia seeds – get them from the health food section.  You can add them to your salads or your breakfasts in the morning.  MAKE SURE you have your chia seeds every day for the best bowel health!

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