My new FAVE exercises!

 I only recently learnt about a new piece of exercise equipment that I think is super!  It was developed by a Sydney couple, and apparently is a super seller in Japan, but not terribly well known in Oz.  I know use it twice a week, and it has replaced my weight training.

It is called the Shadowboxer.  Now, it sounds all rough and tumble, but I am no boxer (my boyfriend would firmly attest to that!).  It is essentially resistance bands for your hands and feet, attached to a belt around your core.  Super simple, but super effective.  I must admit I haven't done any "boxing" which I know it was designed for, but I have been using it for my own simple resistance training (like squats, lunges, pushups, ground exercises, yoga poses, etc)  It makes a squat without resistance, suddenly a whole lot more challenging, and gets you puffed!  Here is a video I found on their site on how to use it for yoga poses.  It only costs about $180 for the legs and arms kit, and it has replaced my gym membership.  Not that I am condoning giving up your gym membership, but just telling it like it is, and I have cancelled mine.  I still run and do yoga classes, but for at home when I need to do my resistance/strenght training it is super!

Here is a really small video of the exercises I have been doing - I am sure you don't want to sit through 20 mins of my workout, but at least you can get the general gist of the exercises.

This is a more professional video that I got off the Shadow Boxer site, and it shows some yoga poses:!

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