Juice feasting, fasting, detoxing, juice cleanses - is it all really scientifically proven??

 I read alot of different articles, blogs, comments, etc, on juice detoxing, fasting, feating, cleansing and diets every day.  I read them from all over the world - you would be suprised at the amount of times people write something about these things.

The thing that suprises me the most is people asking the question, "but is it scientifically proven? and if it isn't then it is just a marketing ploy to dupe unsuspecting consumers" which makes me think, what the.....  

Admitedly, there is not a great deal of academic peer reviewed research out there on the use of juice cleanses.  I recently read a comment posted on a blog site: "There's a reason this is in the Eatocracy section and not in the Health section. All cleansing diets are completely bogus and have zero scientific credibility."  But does that mean they are "not scientiifically credible" or does it mean that "they haven't had enough academic research completed to make a conclusive argument about how effective they can be". And if we apply the "not scientifically credible" argument, then we would all be still smoking, because there is not a really concrete link that smoking cigarettes will kill you.  Some smokers live to a very ripe old age, and die naturally.  

Here was another comment on the same page: Q: I want a cleanse that is backed by medical evidence that it actually accomplishes anything.
A: Sorry, you're out of luck, as this whole business is just a bunch of new age (rhymes with sewage) bull crap.

(You can click on the links to read the original page.  The blog is American CNN Blog, and reviews cleanses available in America)

I really honestly find these comments bewildering when you look at the basics of what juice cleanses are - fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  So when there are businesses out there making fresh products, based on all the right things we SHOULD be eating everyday, and then there are comments questioning "the scientific credibility" of consuming these things, I am completely lost!  And it makes me wonder how much faith these people have in the "system", that of the medical, pharmacuetical, scientific industry.  That we would only ever be exposed to that which acceptable from a Western scientist.  What about the "scientific credibility" of Chinese medicine, or naturopathic remedies.  There is so much that WE DONT know about the human body, and equally so much we don't know about what the food we eat is doing to our bodies. 

Consider what you beleive to be right thing for your health, and your life - and if it is taking pharmaceutical drugs, eating processed foods and only beleiving what is "scientifically credible" as being the way to live your life, then go ahead!

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