Why you SHOULDN’T do a juice detox with us...

I got a call the other day from a customer complaining. I really hate it when our customers are disappointed, but I really love that people take the time to tell us what made them unhappy. After all, you would tell your husband/wife why they made you mad or upset wouldn’t you? We can only improve when we know what we are doing wrong. But anyways, the customer thought all of our soups were “shithouse”, which is constructive feedback.  I am not being scarcastic, I really like to hear exactly what people think.

So it got me thinking about what people expect and why he thought they were "shithouse".  When I asked him what he thought we could do to make them less "shithouse" he suggested we add some kind of flavour enhancer.  I guess he was not used to eating a lot of raw produce and found the flavour difficult to take, which is certainly not an uncommon thing.  And we live in a society where our food is full of flavour enhancer 123, colour 154 and preservative 546.  

Another complaint call I received once was about the vegetables in our juices.  One of our customers was suprised that were actually vegetables used in our juices, and found them very difficult to stomache.  She was expecting more of straight fruit juice, rather than fruit and vegetable juice.  Once again, great to hear from people about what they like and don't like!  A few years ago, I received a similar complaint from a customer that couldn't drink our juices because they were too "pulpy".  She found that she couldn't swallow the juices because they were "not like the juice you get from the botlle in a shop".

So here is a checklist for why you SHOULDN'T do a juice detox with us.  If you answer YES to any of the following.


  • You can't drink vegetables in your juice - if you can't stomache eating or drinking your vegetables, and don't love the feeling of consuming freshly juiced healthy foods - don't cleanse with us.

  • Will not eat food without some kind of chemical/additive to enhance the flavour - if you normally eat foods from a tin, bag, packet and can't picture in your head what each of the ingredients looks like, then don't cleanse with us.

  • Only drink juice that you buy on the shelf (not the fridge) of your local supermarket - if you buy a bottle of juice with its main ingredient is "reconstituted" and you could not closely replicate at home with a home juicer or blender, then don't cleanse with us.

  • Think the whole concept of raw food is just for hippies- if you thinkeating raw food, means "being hungry" or "eating rabbit food" then don't cleanse with us...

But everyone esle - Welcome aboard!!

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