Some easy natural beauty tips you can do at home!

 I am big one for beauty products!  I seem to have an endless supply of creams, oils, hair products....  But I hardly ever use them.  I get caught up in the moment and the magic of the marketing!  Anyways, there are three things that I couldn't do without in the my beauty routine and they seemed worthy of a blog post.  Maybe they aren't, but oh well, you can always click away :)

I am a surfer and have been for a while now, growing up in Byron Bay, I was in the water from an early age, and still love it to death!  But it mean that there are three major considerations I need to take into account, and I am not just talking about sunscreen (because they should be everyones main consideration, not just surfers).  Mine are skin dryness, skin pigmentation and cellulite!

There are loads of products, chemicals, solutions, surgery, etc, that are available to treat these "issues" but I have developed my own "natural" ways, so here they are:

Skin dryness: It will seem very against conventional wisdom, but I use an oil instead of "moisturising cream" it is a natural hemp seed oil.  It is alot cheaper than a $100/tub moisturiser, has no preservatives, no additives, not tested on animals and completely organic.  Hemp seed oil is very close in pH to our skin, so it doesn't clog pore (I have cloggable skin, so I would know).  For a weekly mask, mix it up with avocado and leave it on for about 30mins.  All of the lovely natural oils will leave your skin hydrated and silky!

Skin pigmentation: I have been to a few doctors and dermatologists about this one, and it is such a curse!  Each time I have been prescribed a very strong cream that basically bleaches your skin (hydroquinone), but also leaves your skin super sensitive to the skin, makes you look like a wax work piece.  And it turns out, has carcinogenic aspects...  Anyways, researched natural ways to treat it and stumbled across using an unpasteurised Apple Cidar Vinegar.  So each night straight after cleansing and before my oil (yes, I am a veritable salad dressing!!) I use cotton pad to apply vinegar straight to my face.  In 3 months straight, it has faded my pigmentation significantly, and I still look normal (relatively).  I imagine it would be very good for freckles and other spots too.

Cellulite: Ok, this one you may read over and ignore, and it won't happen overnight....  But it will happen.  Cellulite is fat storage underneath the skin, and what is the best way to move fat off, you move right?  So when it is under the skin, the best way to manage it is through movement, specifically massage.  So go to the shops, get yourself two loofah mits, and every day in the shower, twice a day, lather yourself up and start scrubbing your dimply bits.  It won't happen immediately, but after at least a month, you should notice the skin looking less dimply.  It really does work, but takes a commitment!

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