Occupational Hazards!

 This morning it was raining in Sydney - well, that was a nice way of saying "it was freakin pouring" when I was out doing deliveries.  So it got me thinking about the other occupational hazards of doing deliveries for all of our Schkinny cleansers!

1. Spiderwebs!  You know when you walk full frontal into a spiderweb, and it is dark and you have NO idea if the web still contained a spider?  Well, imagine that everyday...  It isn't entirely pleasant!  But you do develop a kind of a slow motion, defensive, stagger as if you are facing armegeddon in a Bruce Willis movie.  One hand carrying the esky, the other semi-covering my face, but far enough away so that if I do touch something, it won't run onto my face and head!

2.  Sprinklers...  I bet you never guess that one!  But when it is early morning (at 5am it is not 30 degrees and "sprinkler running" weather) it feels a little bit Mission Impossible to try not get the cold spray on your nice warm clothes in the dark!  But I guess the heater in the van is a saving grace if you managed to get a direct hit.

3. Rain.  Well that speaks for itself.  I think rain is the enemy of most couriers and delivery drivers and mornings like this morning is no exception.  I learnt when I first started this business, and started doing all the deliveries myself, that wearing your running shoes on a cold wet morning does not make someone terribly happy!  So a good pair of boots goes a long way!

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