I feel icky at the end of this Winter...


Well, it is Spring, these awesome sunshiney days are ahhhhmazing, I adore them. But it has been a rough winter on the ole booty for me. It started great, I was staying really trim, and super focused, getting in lots of running, surfing and spending lots of time perfecting delicious winter soup recipes! 

But from mid-July, everything started to go down hill…. I went overseas to experience a Northern Hemisphere summer, which was divinely hot and sweaty! But naturally my eating habits left themselves in Sydney, apparently there wasn’t any room in my bags for “good clean eating”, only sandals, shorts, dresses and shirts!

Anyways, so I let myself down a bit, but I still think that is what holidays are designed for , and boy did I go nuts! So arriving back to Aus, I was struck down within 2 days, with the horrible infection that everyone seems to have at the moment, which quickly turned to infection and resulted in antibiotics and steroids…..  EEEEWWWW! And then to make matters much worse, as I was desperately trying to get back on my feet, I sprained my ankle quite badly on my first run after illness…  GGGGRRRRRR! Sooo annoying.

The point is that is so easy for things to go from feeling super squeaky clean to feeling revolting, bloated, overweight and generally icky, but there it is also easy to turn it around. Even though I am still not running, I am dedicating this first week of Spring to our green juices, each day for breakfast and lunch, it is just GREEN for me.  I am trialling a possible Green Cleanse program, that combines just green juices during the day with a raw salad at night. By the end of the week, I know I will be running lightly and won’t feel anywhere near as hopeless as I did at the end of last week. It is easy to slide quickly down that slippery slope, especially when it seems as though the whole world is against you looking after yourself. But it is Spring, and sunny, everything just seems better when the sun comes out.

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