Birds do it, bees do it, even you and me do it!

 Everybody does it, but no-one wants to have a chat about it….  We all think that what we do is normal, but unless something is very wrong, we would never ask anyone to check.   So lets talk about Number 2s.  And the unfortunate reality is, most people are constipated….

 Did you know that even if you have one bowel movement every day you are probably still constipated? The majority of people can go for days.  A healthier number is 2-3 times per day. And it shouldn’t be uncomfortable. It should be as easy as number 1’s.

There is another way to gauge if you are constipated. It is called the Bristol Stool Chart.  As unpleasant as it is to look at, it is a very important gauge of your health as well as the health of your diet.

Check it out here:

As unpleasant as it is to look at, it is a very important guage of your health as well as the health of your diet.

How to read the chart:

  Types 1-3: You are constipated.

  Types 4-5: Depending on who you talk to these are ideal.

  Types 6-7: Too "urgent" to be normal.

 The form your stool takes depends on how long it has been in the colon, with 72 hours being ideal. As you move down the chart you go from way too long in the colon (1-3), the normal ~72 hour time period (4-5) and finally under 72 hours (6-7). You can find much more detail about each stool type and what it means here (

 In order to be healthy, inside and outside, your bowel must be working and for every meal that we eat, every day. If you are eating three meals per day, then you must have three bowel movements per day. You won’t remember it, but those with children will know the regularity of an infants bowel, food in, poop out.  If you are having less than two bowels movements per day, food residues accumulate for more than twelve hours, purification and fermentation begins and the insides begin rotting, aging and becoming ill.  Often when I talk to people about doing a detox, they will ask me “But won’t I go to the toilet a lot?”  Well, yes, and you need to!  You will need to go to the toilet to move those nasty things you have eaten through you body.

Any nutritional elements present in the fecal matter passes into the bloodstream as polluted products, thus toxemia commences.  Pimples and other skin blemishes are generally the first sign of toxemia.
  Not only does it create a toxic environment, but increasing your chances of bowel cancer.

So, how do you become more regular? The are fibre supplements out there, but really a diet rich in fibre is what you need.  I speak from experience, when I know I have eaten a day full of just fresh fruits, vegetable legumes and nuts, I am as regular as clockwork, BUT give me a day of naughty food, coffee, bread, dairy and I am lucky if I go once!  My belly feels bloated, and I would like to get it out, but cannot!  A cleanse also really helps to reset your bowel and move the old matter through your body.  Then you can restart your new diet rich in high fibre foods.

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