Why there is no such thing as “FAILING” a juice cleanse!

Things are getting chillier, darker and cloudier at the moment, so staying clean and healthy gets a little harder.  I get it!


But one of our lovely regular cleansers said to me to the other day, “I just had to put some extra beans in my soup the other night, and then I had a decaf soy latte.  I am so sorry, I FAILED!!!”    I thought to myself, of gosh, please don’t think like that!  Juice cleansing is not a pass or fail test, it isn’t something that people do really well and others do really poorly.  Some people will be more symptomatic than others, but this isn’t a grade of performance!


He wanted to give his body a break from his normal lifestyle, and re-boot with a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables.  So he had a bit on the side, big deal!  He still stuck with it and his body still got the benefits from 3 days of the equivalent of 6kgs of fruit and veggies each day. 


Even though this weather starts to get us down a little, and may even make you start to crave certain foods, just stick with it and you will get the most out of it.  Would you better off with loads of fresh juices each day and just a little slip up, rather than doing nothing at all?  Most people would!

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