Juicing is hard work!

I had a few days at home a little while back, so I was away from my easy access to freshly pressed juice at work.  Never fear, I have a juicer at home!


Normally I am at work 6 days a week, so have all the juice I could ever dream of, right at my finger tips.  I love it!  It doesn’t get terribly addictive, and whilst it is all being made and the juicers are going al day, then it is easy to slip a few fruit and veggies through them, a few times a day to get my fix.  BUT I was homebound for a few days, and was starting to feel the withdrawals…  So I pulled the juicer out.


So at work, we have a few juicers going, nice big sinks, nice big bins and the right containers to put your juice in, the best absorbant clothes, stainless steel benches, etc…  But at home, I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment, with a small sink and not a huge amount of bench space and a tiny little bin.  So pulling out the juicer first presented a problem of where can I actually do this AND have room to prep the fruit and veggies to go into the juicer (so peel the oranges, and lemons, cut up the carrots and celery, chop the apples).


I fumbled through it, making a few spillages on the ground and a bit of pulp flying all over the kettle and the hot plate.  Then I had to try to make sure I got all the pulp into the bin, without it spilling on the floor.  That was a little tricky itself!  So then I had to wash the juicer, trying to break it all up and get it into the sink for washing, and then with not enough space to put it in the drainer.  ALL for about 600ml of juice.


I loved it when I had it, but I can tell you it was the only juice I had whilst I was at home, I just simply couldn’t be bothered to go through it all again.  I just thought I would wait until I got back to work.  So I get it, when I meet people and explain what we do, they often say “but I could just do that myself at home” I think to myself, yes you absolutely could!!!  But really, who has the time!

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