5 foods to make sure you eat everyday…

I have recently tried to make sure I incorporate a few certain foods EVERY SINGLE day into my diet.  I do a lot of juicing anyways, and have recently been keeping a cold from breaking into a full blown flu epidemic in my body!  So, I was on a mission to have LOADS of fresh ginger EVERY DAY, whether it was in juice or food.  And LEMON each day, at least 3 lemons a day, whether in juice, or hot water.  It started me thinking about what foods I also normally strive to have every day.  One is definitely cucumber, particularly in juice!   I have been visiting a few juice bars lately and notice that cucumber is noticeable absent from the list of vegetables you can chose from.  For me, cucumber juice is such a critical thing to get each day, call me vain, but because of the amazing properties it has for the skin.  I once tried a bit of a self experiment, having a litre of pure cucumber juice each day for a week, and  the change in my skin was very noticeable particularly  the texture, the brightness and colour.  


So my bit of advice today is to find these foods and make sure you eat them everyday, and don’t worry, this article is not meant to be fancy superfoods you cannot pronounce, it is meant to be everyday foods that you should be eating everyday and how to add them in:

  1. SPINACH –Make your salads with spinach; add spinach to scrambled eggs; drape it over pizza; mix it with a hot pasta sauce and put over pasta, chew on some to just get your jaws moving too!
  2. AVOCADO – add to a salad; mix with some beans or tuna and add to rice for a risotto type dish; squeeze lemon juice and salt and eat it out of the skin; spread on toast or bread in place of butter
  3. CACAO – sprinkle on your cereal each morning, mix with hot water and teaspoon of honey as a replacement instant coffee; mix into your smoothie mix
  4. SEEDS – add to salads; sprinkle in cereal; add to your baking; buy a few types and mix them up for a little snack as morning tea or afternoon tea
  5. NUTS – chop up into cereal; add whole salads; ground up into fine “meal” and replace flour in baking; add to stir-fries.

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