Your body can do what?!?!?

The human body is really incredible.  Having just had a baby and now breastfeeding, I can say it from personal experience.  The way the female body is able to create new bones, a new heart, lungs, ears, eyes, muscles from something almost microscopic in incredible.  I have a new respect for just how amazing it is. 

Here are some other incredible things about your body:

  • When a pregnant woman has the tissue of her heart damaged, it is helped to be repaired via stem cells from the fetus
  • When you shout, your brain sort of turns down your hearing so you don’t deafen yourself
  • When a mother kisses her baby, she ingests some of the microrganisms on the baby face which are used to make antibodies, which are then passed through the breastmilk
  • When you get a sunburn, it isn’t actually your skin cells being damaged, it is the the skin cells DNA being damaged and killing themselves, so they don’t turn into cancer
  • When you fingers go all prune like from too much time in water, that is your body shifting to grasp things better underwater
  • Human beings do actually glow in the dark, but the light we emit is too weak for the human eye to detect.
  • You can use lose up to 75% of your liver and grow it back to its full size
  • Over long distances we can outrun most animals due to our ability to cool ourselves via breathing and sweating

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