Waist Training

I have just discovered the new concept of waist training, literally about an hour ago I saw something in Facebook and clicked on it.  Like me, you might be thinking, hhm what exactly is that?  Basically it is a corset. 

Turns out, the curvy likes of the Kardashian clan are partial to this form of torture.  You don’t get those killer curves without the killer pain.  The waist trainers are supposed to work by reducing your appetite, you want to eat less if you have something strapped around your belly.  Makes sense.  But it looks like it might actually help to shift your internal organs and help you pass out more often.

After giving birth, I did have a terrible separation in my tummy muscles from carrying the baby.  It happens to some people, others are lucky not to experience it.  To help me bring the separated muscles back together, I did use a belly band to help remind me to suck in my tummy.  So I do get it and the belly band did help me, but it also hindered me too.  I lost strength in my lower back because I was relying on the band for my posture, rather than using my muscles. 

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