Do you believe?

Do you know how important it is to believe in yourself?  Not to sound like a Tony Robbins seminar, but it is true, when you believe in yourself you can do anything.  Well most things, at least something that you want to do…  I am 36 years, 5 foot nothing, so even if I believed so much that I could make it as a basketball professional, that is most likely never going to happen.

BUT, if there is something that you do want to and it is achievable, like starting a business, changing your lifestyle, losing weight, or picking up a new hobby, then belief is the most important thing.  When you believe something is possible you have the absolute expectation that an outcome is inevitable. 

Do you believe the sun will rise tomorrow?  Maybe you won’t be able to see it because it is raining, but you still know it will rise.  When you plan your day, you don’t pack a torch because you know there will be daylight for you to see.  If someone told you that the sun won't rise tomorrow, you probably won't believe them because you just know that it will.

Imagine if you could take that unshakeable belief to other things that you want to do.  You believe you will fit into those jeans again, so you make decisions that reflect your belief.  You eat well, you go to the gym, you fill your grocery trolley up with fruits and vegetables because you believe.  It is the unconscious decisions you make once you have believe in something that will make your belief a reality.

If there is a goal you want to achieve, or even just a new state of mind you would like to adopt, start telling yourself you can!

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