RAW vs Roasted

Roasted nuts are delicious right?  Buttery crunchy melt in your mouth goodness!  But we have all heard that roasted nuts are bad for you. 

Nuts can be oil roasted or dry roasted, it turns out the “oil roasting” process is actually frying!  So look on the ingredients list and if you see oil in the ingredients then you .  When they are “oil roasted” they do absorb about 5% of the oil they are cooked in, which does increase their calorie content. 

Overall, they measure up like this:

  • Oil roasted nuts are definitely higher in calories than raw nuts
  • They do have the same amount of protein
  • There is extra fat in the roasted nuts
  • The carbs and fibre content of the raw and roasted nuts are the same
  • For essential minerals – iron, magnesiym and phosphorous raw nuts are higher

During the roasting process, nuts do not lose their heart healthy mono unsaturated  fat, but the polyunsaturated fats may become altered and become more vulnerable to oxidation which increases their chance of becoming rancid.

 Overall, if you can opt for the raw ones over the roasted ones, and if you must eat the roasted ones, then try to find the dry roasted nuts rather than the oil roasted version.

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