Are You a Giver?

Happy Tuesday Goddesses!

This week I want to know - are you a giver? Perhaps an over-giver?

Earlier this week I listened to Susie Moore’s Podcast, Let it be Easy, where she interviewed psychotherapist Lori Gottleib about the importance of saving a little love for yourself.

It became the second time this week I had encountered the topic of women giving so much of themselves that it becomes detrimental. Detrimental to themself (physically, mentally & emotionally) and their marriages. And that this is a very common occurrence!

Have you ever stopped to think about all the areas we give our love and attention to? (I know, kind of a rhetorical question given the topic 😆):

  • work - full-time, part-time or self-employed, most likely still trying to work like you don’t have kids
  • kids - fitting in sports training & games, dance/swim/drama classes, medical & dental appointments, providing homework assistance & monitoring, oh God they’ve grown again and need new clothes, when did this child last bathe? Have they brushed their teeth? Plus they like to eat, a lot, so there’s food consideration and planning around all of their allergies, likes & dislikes while ensuring they’re eating organic meat, biodynamic produce and protein combining so they receive all 11 essential amino acids with each meal 😰
  • the household - monitoring and delegating cleaning, maintenance, washing, normal finances (ex - bill paying & budgeting). Not to mention investments (research, loan applications, assessing options and monitoring results).
  • partner/significant other - are they happy, are they stressed at work, are they eating properly, do you spend enough intimate time together, are you expressing your love for them in their love language often enough, when is their birthday or mother/fathers day and what can you buy or do to ensure they feel loved and appreciated?

You may not give your love and attention to all of these possible concerns, but I'm sure there are many on your list! Many more than women only a few generations ago had to worry about.

The main takeaway from Susie's podcast was to save a little love for yourself. Although I'm sure we have all dreamt of a week-long child-free holiday in the Maldives, what is most effective is showing a little love for yourself more regularly.

Cleansing regularly is a fantastic way to frequently reset your system and ensure it operates optimally. Too busy to remember to order? Easy sorted - you now have the opportunity to subscribe to any of our cleanses with the frequency of your choice. No lock-in contracts!

Fasting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis is another way to show yourself a little love. Research on fasting has shown a plethora of benefits including increased metabolism, weight loss, improved cognitive abilities and energy on demand. 

Make sure you save a lil' love for yourself this week amongst all the love you share with others.

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