Australian Made

This week we celebrate National Australian Made week! We LOVE to buy Australian grown ingredients as much as we can. Did you know that we source all of our produce fresh from the Flemington Markets in Sydney every morning? Some produce we even source directly from farmers, like our Granny smith apples from Dufruits in Batlow. Other ingredients such as the insecticide-free almonds we use in our delicious smoothie, Sleep Well, are grown in Adelaide. The veggie broth used in the Just Soup Cleanse is made in Queensland from locally sourced organic produce, and the peanut butter and tahini used in our Nut & Seed Balls and Coconut Cranberry Balls are Ground right here in Sydney. 

Whether it's cranberries, cashews or chia seeds, we buy Australian Made or grown ingredients first! We love that people support our Australian Owned business and we love supporting other small businesses doing good things :)

Don't forget to do good stuff for yourself too xo

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