Cranberry Coconut Balls

Is anyone else craving an extra 3,000 calories a day now the weather is cooling down?! At the first sniff of cooler weather my body immediately thinks it must prepare for a winter with no food. Maybe I was a bear in another life? I do also enjoy a good nap long nap...

To save yourself from eating an entire packet of Harvest Pea Snaps (something I may or may not have done recently) I would definitely recommend filling your hunger cravings with healthy fats and protein options. Like our Coconut Cranberry Balls. At only $3 for 2 x 35g balls, they're an easy add-on to any cleanse or bottle order! They're perfect to keep in the fridge for when the late-night snack craving hits. Or in the fridge at work (maybe disguise them as celery sticks so nobody else steals them) to smash 3:30itis! With no added sugars, colours, flavours or preservatives, you'll feel NO GUILT snacking on these decadent winners and your jeans will still fit for your Saturday night date ;)

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