Can you believe it's June already?! The days are definitely getting cooler and shorter! It's perfect weather for keeping warm with a lovely hot bowl of soup. And to keep yourself feeling healthy and amazing throughout winter, you can still cleanse with our Juice & Soup and Low Fruit Juice & Soup cleanses. As an extra tip, did you know you can also heat our nut smoothie, Sleep Well, to enjoy a warm cuppa before bed?

If you're craving more super warmness, add a couple of Hot Shot Elixirs to your order. One of it's main ingredients is turmeric, which has been shown to be beneficial for the human body in 1,000's of studies. Everything from reducing inflammation, to being an effective pain killer, to destroying cancer cells. This ancient spice is an amazing all-rounder! We include the whole turmeric root and not just curcumin as curcumin is one of a group of many curcuminoids. Most studies have been performed on curcumin, but now many more are now coming out on the effectiveness of other curcuminoids and compounds found in turmeric. We would rather give you the whole amazing spice so you can experience all of its benefits than limit you to one tiny piece of the puzzle!

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