Eat More Plants

I hope you're feeling cleansed and renewed - so many of you ordered our Low Fruit Juice and Low Fruit Juice & Soup cleanses last week! I'm glad I wasn't the only person feeling like I *may* have over-indulged on Easter eggs last weekend lol

 Now that you have cleansed, what do you eat to continue feeling fabulous? My first response is always to eat more plants. Thinking about all the options you have to eat is a lot more positive than focusing on what you can't eat (ie - the kid leftover Easter eggs). So try crowding out the food you know isn't natural (fast food, dairy, packet food) with the food you know is (fruit & Veg, nuts & seeds etc).

This is a fabulous time of year to get heaps of veggies in by making wonderous soups. For example, pumpkin, Minestrone, tomato. Minestrone is probably the most versatile soup as you can add all the veggies you like (potato, carrot, turnip, tomatoes, pumpkin, onion, garlic, silver beet, kale, mushrooms) and add pasta if you feel you need something more filling. Make sure you use a good vegetable stock that doesn't contain any fillers or preservatives. I highly recommend Broth of Life as it's the only organic broth I've found that meets the criteria.

If you're short on time, or cooking skills like me, we have 7 delicious soups you can purchase individually or as part of a cleanse. All prepared by our in-house chef :)

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