Eat What You Want Day

Did you know that today is National Eat What You Want Day? Woohoo! I've got dinner booked with some girlfriends at an Italian restaurant - could I have picked a better guilt-free day??

While I can't promise that calories won't count today, I can promise you that if you are normally a very strict eater, it is good for you to relax and eat what you want sometimes. Even our caveman ancestors pigged out on fruit when they were lucky enough to find some. It's actually in our DNA to eat a lot of sweet food in particular for this reason - to feast to survive any possible famine. Chances are you may eat too much of whatever you want today and feel gross and not want to eat it again (for a while) lol

So go for it, enjoy today and know we're here for you if you feel the need to detox afterwards ;)

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