Find Yourself Feeling Low Energy for no Reason?

These days, that low energy feeling of exhaustion may seem like nothing more than a natural response to life, kids, responsibilities and all the rest. However, when that feeling seems to be your only norm, it’s important to recognize what your body is trying to tell you. It’s easy to forget that your daily actions and lifestyle habits can greatly contribute to the lack of energy you may feel. When you become aware of these energy suckers, it’s much easier to regain control and recharge your tank. Here are 4 sneaky energy zappers that could leave you feeling drained and depleted.


  1. Too much sugar:Without even realizing it, the majority of people consume an extreme amount of sugar each and every day. From aisles and aisles of processed foods to an overabundance of sugary, caffeinated drinks, it may seem nearly impossible to avoid. However, an excess amount of sugar will have a negative impact on your health and lifestyle if you’re not mindful of how much you consume. When digested, sugar is absorbed into the body quickly so that boost of energy you feel won’t stick around very long. Soon, your energy levels will plummet and that feeling of constant fatigue will take over. Cutting back on how much sugar you consume will help to balance out your energy levels and prevent you from that overall feeling of exhaustion. 


  1. Lack of sleep:Without a good night’s sleep, it’s nearly impossible to function at your absolute best. For this reason, sleeping soundly each night is on the list of high importance when it comes to maintaining energy levels throughout your day. Take a look at your sleep patterns. Do you sleep well at night or do you wake up repeatedly? Do you have a hard time falling asleep when you lay down for the night? If a decent night’s sleep has been an issue for you, start to create a relaxing nighttime routine that preps you for bed. Instead of watching tv or scrolling social media before bed, take a warm bath, read a book or start a journal. Make an effort to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time each morning. A daily routine will help you establish those natural sleep patterns and allow you a higher level of energy each day.



  1. Skipping Breakfast:The first meal of the day is known to be the most important. However, in the midst of all the early morning chaos, it’s easy to forego the balanced breakfast and opt for a caffeinated treat just to get you by. By attempting to get through your day on sugar and snacks, you leave yourself wide open to feeling groggy, sluggish and just plain exhausted by noon. It’s so important to start your day with foods that are going to re-fuel your body after a good night’s sleep. If mornings are busy, try doing some prep work the night before with some overnight oats or simply throw a bunch of fruits and veggies in a blender and have a quick smoothie as you’re walking out the door. Even when fasting, planning ahead is key to making sure that the meal you consume to break-your-fast is no longer playing second fiddle on your list of top priorities.


  1. Dehydration: In order to keep your system running at 100%, your body needs a certain amount of water each and every day. If you are lacking in this area, it can easily zap your energy levels and leave you feeling drained, unfocused and unproductive. If you’re used to the sugar filled fluids like soda, coffee or tea, it may seem impossible to drink the necessary amount of H2O. However, with a few simple habit tweaks it is entirely possible and fairly simple. Start by carrying around a water bottle everywhere. You can easily fill it up wherever you’re at and keep yourself hydrated on the go.  Try drinking one glass of water before each meal, set reminders throughout the day to have a glass or two or simply flavour your water with fresh fruit for an added twist. By changing up a few of these habits, you’ll be drinking more water in no time, giving yourself an energy boost in the process.


Becoming aware of the daily habits that can zap you into exhaustion is the first step to taking control back. By putting yourself in the driver’s seat, you can easily start to build a healthier, high energy lifestyle for years to come.

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