Habits - best friends or worst enemies?

When people think about habits, they think of smoking or drinking and knowing they need to give them up. Or equally, they think of healthy people who exercise regularly and eat healthy, knowing they should be doing the same. 

All of which is true if you want to experience the best version of yourself. In both of those instances above, if you are someone who knows you have a habit or two to change, there is often another habit occurring at the same time - mentally berating yourself for not having quit [insert bad habit here] or not starting that beneficial habit yet. The way you speak to yourself internally has a huge impact on how you navigate your daily choices. 

Your internal thoughts can dictate whether you go for a run after work to let off steam, or if you buy a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and a bottle of red wine on your way home instead. If the option of ice cream and wine becomes your habitual way of dealing with stress, this is a prime example of your habits becoming your worst enemy. This habit can lead to weight gain, depression, high cholesterol and the internalisation of your stress (which has been shown to be just as harmful as smoking!). Going for a run or joining a martial arts class is a much healthier way of dealing with stress and it’s great exercise which can help you look younger and feel great!

How do you start your morning? I’ve read emails from many of our customers saying they start their day with beautiful habits such as meditation, yoga, going to the gym or for a run. Do you like to sit with a warm cup of tea and watch the sunrise before everyone else gets up? Do you fast until lunch time? Or love to nourish your body with a nutrient dense green smoothie or bowl of porridge loaded with nuts, seeds and berries? Or do you rush out the door, now running late after hitting the snooze button 5 times, with your coffee in one hand and a dry piece of toast in the other?  

The thing with habits is they can be very well thought out, such as meal planning for the week ahead, but many often creep up you. Like after work drinksone Friday night, that you realise 6 months later has becomeevery Friday night and the reason you no longer play tennis Saturday morning and are feeling rather flabby. Maybe the Sunday brunch you attend with your mother every week used to be viewed as a “treat” so you’d order the pancakes, but one day you ordered the smashed avo on sourdough with broiled tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and a free range egg and now you don’t feel yourself waddle home (winner!). 

As you go about your day today, notice your habits. Have you swapped a soft drink for kombucha? Do you always grab a chocolate chip muffin for morning tea? Do you catch the bus from the train station when you could actually walk? How’s that netball team you used to play with on Tuesday night? Have you joined a touch football team recently? Have you gradually swapped you grande extra strong mocha for a regular almond milk flat white? Do you now grab a fresh bagel loaded with cream cheese on your way to work every day instead just Friday’s? Are you waking up an hour earlier to go for a walk and revel in the freshness of the morning?

What positive habits have you already incorporated into your life? Celebrate them! What positive habits are you currently working on? Cheer yourself every time you do the positive habit or do not partake in the negative habit. What habits need to change? Make note of them but don’t berate yourself. You’re now aware (give yourself a high five) of what needs to change and can start taking steps towards positive change.  

Remember, your habits are either your best friend or your worst enemy. Let us know how we can help you start or maintain your healthy habits. I 

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