Hydrating Winter Skin Part 2

Last week we spoke about hydrating tips mainly for the face. This week we'll be covering the rest of the body (no pun intended lol).

The best way to keep moisture in your body is to protect as much of it as possible from becoming dehydrated. This means moisturising as much of your body as possible. From your face to your toes! Don't forget to use a cream instead of a lotion at this time of year. Lotions are great for the warmer months as they're lighter and won't clog pores when the skin is trying to sweat to keep you cool. During Winter you want to create a protective barrier between your skin, the cold and the wind.

If you have eczema or sensitive skin, there are a plethora of soothing, natural options available from pharmacies. Many contain ingredients like oatmeal which has been used for hundreds of years in medicinal skin remedies such as a poultice or chamomile to for its soothing properties. They should also be fragrance-free as it is known to cause dryness and irritation. 

Because moisture is being wicked away at a greater rate, it is recommended to moisturise the most exposed areas of your skin more often. If you wear make-up this will obviously not be possible on your face. If you're lucky enough to not wear make-up, then consider carrying a small bottle or container of moisturiser in your bag. Your hands will likely be the area that requires the most attention.

You may notice that it is your extremities, such as your hands and feet, that become the driest. Something else that can assist with keeping them hydrated is movement. Any kind will do - head to the gym, grab a friend and go for a walk, have lots of sex, try ice skating. Movement means greater blood flow around the body, especially to the extremities. This will help hydrate those areas from the inside out.

The last tip is the toughest. Ironically, something that dries the skin a lot in Winter is hot showers and baths. "No hot showers in Winter? Is she mental?" I hear you ask. You can still have warm showers, even very warm showers, but try to avoid having hot showers. Anyone with eczema will attest to this!

Try these tips and avoid spending Winter with dry cracked fingers, chapped lips and a wind burnt face.

Stay beautiful on the inside

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