Is Your Body Begging for an Energy Boost?

Happy Tuesday Goddesses!

How do you feel coming into 2022? Revitalised? Or are you still feeling drained from last year?

5 Signs That Your Body is Begging for an Energy Boost
When it comes to your overall health, your energy level plays a huge role in how well you physically and mentally interact with the world. Energy is necessary to move, grow, learn and simply stay alive. When your energy is zapped, it’s nearly impossible to function at 100%. However, we sometimes get caught up in the daily hustle of life and ignore the signs. The great thing is, the human body has an amazing way of clueing you in when something isn’t right - you simply have to be proactive and pay attention. Here are 5 signs that your body is begging for an energy boost.

  1. You’re Always Tired:  One of the most common signs of low energy is the feeling of overall fatigue. You may feel drained a big majority of the time, even when you haven’t overexerted yourself in any way. When your get up and go seems to be gone, ask yourself a few questions: Am I getting enough sleep? Am I eating the right kinds of foods? Do I allow myself the necessary time for self-care that my body needs? You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can boost your energy by simply adjusting your daily habits to promote better overall physical and mental health.
  1. Brain Fog: When your energy levels are low, you may experience brain fog, or the inability to think clearly. Organizing your normal, everyday thoughts is much more difficult and it’s even harder to put those thoughts into words. Confusion, memory issues and lack of focus are also signs to be aware of. Brain fog is known to be a symptom of poor nutrition, lack of sleep and chronic stress, all of which contribute to lower than low energy levels. You can easily flip the switch on this mental mist with a few simple lifestyle changes and put yourself back on the path to a clear head.
  1. Lack of Motivation: If you’re energy is depleted, your motivation to simply do life goes right along with it. Whether it’s cleaning the house, going to the gym, reading a book or losing weight, you have zero desire to see these things through. Everything feels like a monumental effort and you just can’t muster up the will to do anything. When you feel this way, it’s a sign that you need to take action and get those energy levels back up. This can mean stepping outside to get some fresh air and sunshine, opting for water instead of soda or filling up on an extra helping of veggies at dinner. Simple steps like this will not only raise your energy but give you back your motivation to get things done.
  1. You’re Moody:  Although moodiness can be caused by a plethora of reasons, a big one happens to be extremely low energy levels. When your energy is tapped out, your patience and overall mood takes a hit as well. Little things that didn’t used to bother you now seem super irritating and problematic. You have little patience and tend to snap easily, even at those you love the most. If you suddenly feel like you live at the end of a short fuse and the moodiness doesn’t seem to go away, just be aware that your body may need a recharge to get you back to your normal good-natured self.
  1. You Get Sick Easily: If you always seem to be prone to the latest bout of sickness going around, it could very well mean that you need an energy boost. Low energy and a weakened immune system go hand in hand, so it may seem impossible to stay healthy in a sea of germs and illness. This is a big sign from your body letting you know it needs fuel to keep going. In this case fuel could mean 30 minutes of daily exercise, a nutritious smoothy packed full of fruits and veggies or simply making time for a self-care in the form of a face mask and a warm bubble bath. Making an effort to live a healthier lifestyle means you can raise your energy levels and lessen the risk of unnecessary illness in your future. That’s a win-win!

Once you become aware of the signs, it’s much easier to take action and put yourself on a healthier, more energetic path. By tweaking a few of your daily habits you can easily give your body the energy boost it’s been craving. 
Choosing to do a cleanse or begin a Fasting routine can also be a great way to boost your energy! ;)

xo Carly

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