Juicing and your teeth

Ensuring Oral Health While Juicing 

Juicing is an extremely healthy habit for anyone embarking on a system cleanse or simply to maintain a healthier lifestyle. It not only provides an excellent way for both young and old to get their daily dose of fruit and veg in one delicious drink, but can also be of tremendous benefit when trying to lose weight.

One of the few qualms pertaining to fresh juices is their acidic nature and the effect it can have on your teeth and gums.  This is the very reason many dentists suggest reducing the consumption of fruit juice, sodas and energy drinks, especially amongst toddlers and children learning about oral hygiene. Although it is true that fresh juice does contain a certain amount of acid it is nowhere near that found in commercial juice. Fresh juice is by far the better option especially if it contains some vegetables as well.

If you are keen on embarking on a juicing journey but still have a few worries regarding your oral hygiene don’t despair. There are numerous ways you can protect your teeth without having to give up your juice. Here's how to protect your teeth from potential juicing damage. 

Brush Your Teeth BEFORE You Juice

This might sound strange but studies revealed that brushing your teeth directly after drinking juice will increase the acidity in your mouth thus increasing the risk of tooth damage. Instead, rinse your mouth with water after drinking juice and leave the brushing for before.

Use a Straw

This is one of the best ways to protect your teeth. Simply put, drinking with a straw minimises the amount of time juice spends in your mouth and around your teeth.

Attempt Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is another practice rapidly gaining popularity and is believed to reduce plaque and gingivitis. All you need to do is swish around 2 tablespoons of good quality coconut oil in your mouth for about 10 minutes before spitting it out. Oil pulling is not only beneficial but extremely easy to do as well.

Ingredients are Key

Use only fresh, unprocessed ingredients and where possible mix your fruit with a healthy portion of vegetables. Vegetables are generally lower in sugar and less acidic than fruit so mixing the two will really give you the best of both worlds.

When it comes to juicing the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. As long as you follow a healthy, well-balanced diet and stick to a good oral hygiene routine you really can continue to indulge in your fresh juices guilt-free.

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