Keeping Skin Hydrated During Winter

Has anyone else felt the sting of dry skin with the weather suddenly turning cold? It's also been super blustery here in Sydney for the last week, only adding to the dryness. I literally felt my skin stinging on Sunday morning when applying moisturiser after having been at the netball courts for several hours on Saturday. The stinging always makes me wonder what is in the moisturising lotion to cause it to do that. Isn't it meant to moisturise? Lock-in moisture in my skin?

I have spent the last couple of days remembering the best natural things I can do for my skin during these Winter months. Here are my top 4:

- Hydration. Drink plenty of water and herbal tea. Coffee does not count as a liquid consumption. The caffeine is actually dehydrating (ever notice you pee more after drinking caffeinated beverages?). So if you drink a 250ml cup of coffee, you need to drink another 250ml cup of water to compensate.

- Omegas. Consume plenty of fatty omega 3's to help lock-in moisture. The casing of each skin cell is made up of a phospholipid layer - 'lipid' meaning fat. Fats are super important to keeping the cells fullest structure and ensuring the casing is strong enough to not easily lose H2O. Excellent sources of plant-based omega's include flax seed/linseed and hemp seeds. Each can be easily added to smoothies, muesli, porridge and even dinner meals such as spaghetti (add them last to hot meals or sprinkle on top as the omegas are heat sensitive).

- Skin cell building blocks. It is essential to continue a high consumption of skin cell building blocks such as vitamin c, antioxidants, collagen, zinc, carotenoids and vitamin A. Our hydrating Skin Glow Juice Pack can assist you with flooding your body with these nutrients :)  

- Moisturise with a cream instead of a lotion. Yes, there are numerous natural moisturisers out there that can definitely help you lock-in moisture. The easiest option I have found is coconut oil. When my face moisturiser begins to sting, I swap to coconut oil instead. I have always had oily skin but I find the coconut oil absorbs nicely, not leaving a sticky residue nor making my skin more oily. When I'm cooking or baking, I always inadvertently end up with coconut oil on my hands. Instead of washing it off, I simply rub it in and keep cooking. It's a really easy option to moisturise. I know that coconut oil goes super hard when it's cold. I simply use a spoon to break off a chunk and rub that over the desired area, then pop any remaining portion back in the jar. I keep a special separate jar of it in my bathroom so as not to confuse anyone else in the kitchen. Coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal, so it's also a lovely moisturising option for teens with acne. 

Let me know your favourite ways of keeping skin hydrated in Winter!

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