Forgotten benefits of a juice fast

This past week my partner was away for work and I have finished breast feeding so thought it would be the perfect time to get my cleanse on. There a lot of obvious benefits to a juice fast, like all liquid to be easily assimilated into the body, allowing the body to detoxify and cleanse naturally and boosting my system with massive amounts of fruits and vegetables. I know exactly how much produce goes into each juice, so when you are drinking the juices it just feels good to know I am putting all the right things in. But there were a couple of other benefits that I had completely forgotten about:

1.     I forgot how nice it was to have someone else prepare my food. There was no thought, no effort, nothing involved. With an almost 1 year old and a full time business, it is easy to neglect me in the whole picture, so having everything pre-prepared was so GOOD. I didn't have to think about the babies food, milk, snacks, nappies, clothes, toys, etc, then think, what I am going to eat/drink today. It was such a pleasure to be totally taken care of, like my fairy god mother totally had my back for a week.

2.     I forgot how much extra time you have when you don’t have to prepare meals. I had such a productive work week and got so many jobs finished because I wasn’t spending the 40-1hr prepping, making and cleaning dishes that is involved every night. It was such a good feeling. Like a mini holiday. Time is the only thing finite in our lifetimes, everything else is infinite, so having a little bit more of it to be productive, read my book, do some exercise, watch the baby explore and discover or just be was a little luxury.

Two little luxuries that I completely enjoyed and revelled in all week!

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