Lets Quit!

Yes, I'm actually writing an email about the positiveness of quitting. As someone who has firmly believed in the act of doing and doing as much as humanly possible for most of my life, I have come to learn recently the benefits of quitting. 

As Tony Gaskins said, "Quitting is ok if you're quitting something that's slowly killing you so you can step into something that will give you life."

I have recently quit hoarding a heap of kids toys and other things in the garage (that we may use 'one day') and gave them away on a local Facebook page. I recently quit holding onto a bunch of clothes that were daggy and only good for gardening or when you pan not to leave the house (looking at them repeatedly in my wardrobe gave the impression I had more clothes to wear on a daily basis than I really did and was kind of depressing). Everything still wearable that I just didn't like was donated to a local charity that collects clothing donations. All non-wearable items were recycled through Upparel. If you haven't heard of them, I strongly suggest you check them out - they're doing huge things saving mountains of textiles from landfill! I also recently quit my MBA, which was a huge decision for me! It's not that I wasn't doing well, or wasn't enjoying what I was learning, it simply took up too much time. Time I would have otherwise spent with my family, my children - helping with homework tasks, talking with them about their day, doing fun activities on the weekend, just being present. And apparently cleaning out my garage and wardrobe lol

The amount of relief I have felt after making these decisions has been truly enormous! A literal weight off my shoulders, especially in relation to the MBA, knowing that I didn't have that commitment to fulfil when I got home after an already full day. 

Quit the shit that weighs you down! Life sucking jobs, relationships, habits, holding onto stuff you don't need, even taking other peoples opinions onboard. Ever notice that you lose weight when you break up with that toxic partner? Yep. that's what quitting can do for you.

Say it with me "I allow myself to quit all the toxic shit in my life". Woohoo! Now let's celebrate :)

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