Low Sugar Lovin

Happy Tuesday Goddesses!

I nearly forgot that it was Tuesday! Public holidays get me every time! lol

I hope you have a fabulous long weekend and enjoyed the stunning weather with friends and family :)

I don't know about you, but I definitely indulged a little over the weekend. Thanks to two recipes borderline sickeningly sweet recipes my kids found in that free Woollies magazine you find at the checkout, I ate desserts that I definitely normally would not! I didn't feel too bad the first day but following up with leftovers the next day left me feeling pretty gross and a bit regretful. Now I know my limit of indulgence for next time.

*Shameless plug alert*

I was very excited to come to work today so I could start detoxing with our low fruit juices. I'm feeling much better this afternoon, so I may only do one full day of cleansing with some low fruit juices interspersed between meals for the rest of this week.

Sometimes that's all it takes - just a day or two to get back to feeling your normal self. If you haven't cleansed for a while, I always recommend doing at least 3 days as the first 2 days seem to feel the hardest, with symptoms lightening up and energy and brain fog lifting on day 3. Every day you continue after day 3 is a bonus!

After a weekend full of chocolate indulgences, now is the perfect time to grab a Low Fruit Juice or Low Fruit Juice & Soup cleanse to get yourself back on track before you completely fall off the wagon. I don't believe that Goddesses like feeling controlled or out of control with anything, especially sugar cravings! Don't let them steer you off track from your healthy lifestyle goals. Goddesses respect themselves and their bodies. We only get one body right?. Let's treat it like the temple that it is!

Stay beautiful on the inside,

Carly xo

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