Mother's Day

Just in case you have been living under a rock, the second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day. You’re welcome for the reminder 😉

This weekend really is the time to reflect on everything your mum (or mother figure) did for you as a child and everything you do for your children. Even in today's society, did you know that statistically, if a child sick, the mother is the parent who takes the day off to look after them 74% of the time. It's also generally the mother who drives children to after school activities and sporting events. The same goes for shopping for the family and taking children shopping for needed items such as clothes and school supplies. This is not to say that all dads or husbands are rubbish parents! lol As most households have 2 working parents now, fathers definitely contribute more to family activities than in any decade previously, but mother's still shoulder the largest amount of family responsibility.  

Mums, definitely give yourself a high five and if you're tired, other mums are not surprised. Make sure you milk as much as you can on Sunday and do what you want to do - sleep, run, read a book, take a bath, play with your kids or go eat at a cafe alone (in peace lol) - whatever YOU need to fill your soul 💗

In the highly unlikely event that you haven't yet bought your mum a present, don't stress - you can shoot her an email with a gift card to our shop 😊 She'll love you all the more for giving her the gift of health!

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