5 Myths About Plant-Based Eating

Over the years, it’s become more and more evident that there is a link between the foods we eat and our overall health and wellness. Although this has caused the plant-based diet to gain traction and popularity, there are still several myths surrounding this diet that may keep you wondering if it’s a good idea or not. It’s time to stop second guessing yourself and get clear on what this diet and way of life is really about.  Let’s dig in and debunk some of the most popular plant-based myths that have kept you from living your healthiest life.


  1. Too Expensive:One of the main things that deters people from trying a plant-based diet is the idea that it costs too much. However, adding more fruits and veggies to your plate doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Try checking out your local farmers market when they’re operating or Growers Association (I get an amazingly huge bunch of kale from my local IGA for $4!). Not only will you be able to find tasty fresh fruits and vegetables at a much lower cost than the grocery store, but you’ll be supporting your community and hard-working local farmers as well. If you’re worried about wastage, check out the frozen foods section of the store. They are just as tasty and often cheaper than if you bought them fresh.


  1. It’s too restrictive:Many people aren’t sure what to eat if they reduce or remove meat from their diet.The plant-based approach simply means adding more fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in addition to what you’re already eating. Of course, if you want to be the healthiest version of yourself, you’ll want to cut back on processed foods and red meat, but you don’t have to avoid these foods altogether. Simply eat them in moderation and load up on those healthier plant-based choices as your main source of nutrition.


  1. You’ll Starve:The word starving might be slightly dramatic, but when many people think of a plant-based diet, they immediately assume they will always be hungry. This simply isn’t true. Plant based foods like fruits, veggies, and whole grains are packed with fiber which helps you feel full for a longer period of time. If those cravings do tend to hit, try reaching for a handful of nuts, a couple pieces of fruit or throw together a small salad. You’ll be amazed at how satisfied you feel when you start adding more of these healthier choices to your plate.


  1. No More Dining Out: Another big misconception about plant-based diets is that you won’t be able to eat out at restaurants anymore. How crazy is that? Although cafes and restaurants often seem to cater to those who crave the meatier side of life, most places are very accommodating to plant-based dieters as well. For starters, there are a ton of meatless choices on the menu like soups, pasta and salads. Many cafes and restaurants often have a “healthy” section on the menu as well where you can choose lean meat options like chicken or fish served with veggies or whole grains. There are so many options for plant-based dieters so don’t let that deter you from your next dining experience.


  1. It’s Boring: Deciding to live a more plant-based lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to be stuck eating tasteless, boring meals for the rest of your life. Quite the contrary. When it comes to fruits, vegetables, pastas, legumes, nuts, seeds, spices and herbs there is a HUGE selection to choose from. Explore new recipes and have fun experimenting in the kitchen with different foods, spices and herbs. Don’t be scared to mix it up and try something completely new to your palate. If you’re not the creative type, don’t worry! There are a ton of great cookbooks and easy recipes on Pinterest and Instagram for you to start with. You’ll be creating delicious plant-based meals in no time.


If you’ve been on the fence about trying a plant-based diet, hopefully debunking a few of these myths has made it somewhat easier. As always, it’s important to do your own research when it comes to choosing a diet that’s right for you and your overall health.

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