National Watermelon Day!

Happy Tuesday Goddesses!

So, to be honest, I thought last Friday was National Watermelon Day and did a corresponding social media post. Turns out it's actually tomorrow lol Good news for you though as it means I can share some amazing watermelon facts with you today!

I'm sure we all have fond memories of eating watermelon as a kid (and possibly also as an adult lol) with the juice running down your arms. That's because watermelon is 92% water! What a delicious way to increase your water content for the day.

Watermelon is also packed with vitamin A - an amazing antioxidant that's especially loved by your eyes ;)

Citrulline is an amino acid that has heart protective benefits. It can reduce your risk of heart attacks and help lower your blood pressure.

Have you ever heard of Beta Cryptoxanthin? No, it's not a new type of cryptocurrency. It's a natural pigment found in watermelon that can help reduce inflammation within your joints. Perfect if you have arthritis or as a preventative if you have a family history.

Lycopene is the main antioxidant responsible for watermelons' beautiful pink colour. Watermelon contains more lycopene than any other fruit or vegetable, including tomato. Lycopene is not only beautiful, but also has been shown to reduce your risk of cancer and diabetes.

Worried about the sugar content in watermelon? Don't stress! It has a Glycemic Index value of 80, which is similar to a bowl of Corn Flakes, but with fewer carbs and more fibre. Enjoy your juicy slices guilt-free!

I recently shared a sneaky tip with a customer on Facebook (you are following us on Facebook and Instagram yeah?) that I discovered our juice Pink Sherbet is actually quite nice in a glass of bubbly. I know, we're a cleanse company, what am I doing promoting drinking?? I figure we all drink occasionally and if you're going to drink, you might as well drink something that's healthier for you and not loaded with tonnes of sugar or preservatives. You're welcome ;) 

Stay beautiful on the inside,

Carly xo

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