No Meat May!

I hope you all enjoyed Eat What You Want Day last week! I had the most amazing pizza and then a brownie with ice cream for dessert (shh)! I was back on the low fruit juices the next day - my body can't handle that much sugar anymore lol

This week we're celebrating No Meat May! There are many health, compassionate and environmental reasons to cease or drastically reduce meat consumption. By not consuming meat for the 31 days of May, you would be saving 31 grateful animals and 108kgs of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. Going completely meat-free can be challenging and is not for everyone. Some bodies thrive without meat, while others don't. We are all unique and need to listen to our bodies when we crave certain foods.

For those of you who are keen to try more meat-free recipes, this Sundried tomato and Spinach Tart from Be Good Organics is a winner in our house. Meat eaters and vegetarian/vegans alike have loved this recipe and been very surprised when I have told them it was made from tofu. Don't give up on me now - try it just once. And I recommend using Silken Tofu. We've tried using Firm Tofu and it came out too dry. Silken Tofu gave the best consistency. 

P.S. The crust is amazing!

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