No Meat May Part 3

Happy Tuesday Goddesses!

How are you going trying out meat-free versions of everyday meals?

This week I have a favourite traditional Italian Meatball recipe for you that has been re-inspired by a super talented lady named Buffy Ellen from Begood Organics. She recreates amazing plant-based, healthy versions of all of your fave recipes. Feel free to check out her site for more delicious recipes :) 

The most amazing thing about this recipe (beyond the delciousness of it!) is that not only are the meatballs meat-free, but she also includes a super easy tomato sauce recipe AND a scrumptious mashed cauliflower recipe to replace the spaghetti noodles if you're looking for a carb-friendly option.

Adding more plants to your diet doesn't necessarily have to mean removing all meat. Although that is what I would recommend, the best practice, as advised by Anthony Robbins, is to drastically reduce or eliminate. So swapping meat out for plant-based alternatives is a great idea. To add more veggies to your diet you can try a number of options:

- reducing the portion size of meat and increasing the veggie portion

-  swapping out refined carbohydrates for veggies (ex - spaghetti noodles for cauliflower mash, lettuce leaves for burger buns or wraps, rice for cauliflower rice etc)

- have a smoothie for breakfast and add veggies such as kale, spinach, cucumber etc (big handfuls!)

- eat more soup. You can cram so many different veggies into soup and make them taste more delicious with vegetable stock, herbs and spices.

Click here to grab the drool-worthy Italian Meatballs recipe directly from Buffy's website. It looks quite involved, but it's definitely not as difficult as it seems and it's totally worth it! :)

If you're interested in incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet but aren't a fan of cooking, then check out our vegan soups. They're available as individual bottles (minimum purchase of 6 bottles in total) or as part of our Juice & Soup, Low Fruit Juice & Soup and Just Soup cleanses and Fasting Packs . We have 9 different flavours for you to try :)

Stay beautiful on the inside,

Carly xo

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