No Meat May Part 4

It's the last day of May and I'd say winter is definitely (suddenly) here! Which makes this week's recipe absolutely perfect! It's super easy, meaning you can make it any weeknight and get the kids bath time done while it's baking in the oven. It's also excellent for dinner parties! I made this recently and not only received compliments on the night, but I had guests ask for the recipe. It's got juicy tomatoes, crunchy bread and filling cannellini beans. you'll be happily cuddling your bowl while eating this dish!

Here's a quick reminder about why we support No Meat May:

- A recent study of 100,000 people and another of 400,000 people found that swapping only 3% of protein (processed meat, unprocessed meat, chicken, fish, dairy, egg white) to plant-based protein equalled a lower risk of dying prematurely.

- Researchers believe it's because animal protein contains more branched-chain amino acids (BCAA's) and a reduction in BCAA's leads to a reduction in IGF-1 which is directly attributed to the development of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

- They also suggest that as pollutants such as dioxins and PBC's accumulate up the food chain to the animals being eaten, people who eat the animals then ingest the toxins also. This theory lends to eating more plant-based protein to lower the burden of toxins (something we LOVE to help you get rid of!).

So, do yourself a favour and click here to grab the dinner party-worthy Tomato & White Bean Casserole recipe. It's perfect for this bloody cold weather!

If you're interested in incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet but aren't a fan of cooking, then check out our vegan soups. They're available as part of our Juice & Soup, Low Fruit Juice & Soup and Just Soup cleanses and Fasting Packs. We have 9 different flavours for you to try :)

Stay beautiful on the inside,

Carly xo

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