Peanuts - Yum!

Welcome to National Nutrition Month. It also happens to be National Peanut Month, so I thought I'd combine both and share some delicious benefits of eating one of my favourite foods :)

Personally, I am so grateful that someone dug up peanuts thousands if years ago and decided to try eating them! I think they're delicious sprinkled on top of a fresh pad that, ground into crunchy peanut butter and made into cookie dough balls to mix into ice cream.  

Next time you crave peanuts - dig in! They're choc full of healthy unsaturated fats and second only to almonds for protein content among nuts - both of which will help to keep you feel fuller for longer. They're a fantastic cheaper option (than other more expensive nuts) to keep your heart healthy. They also contain loads of antioxidants such as Vitamin E and resveratrol. Furthermore, these tiny legumes are packed with B Vitamins Niacin - awesome for turning food into energy - and folate - essential for making DNA and other genetic material (especially good if you're pregnant or preparing to conceive!).

If you're looking for a healthy snack alternative, try adding a pack (or 2!) of Nut & Seed Balls to your next order. They're made fresh - with peanut butter - and other delicious organic ingredients that your body will love and nothing artificial. 2 x 35g balls for only $3!

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