Revolutions over Resolutions

Happy Tuesday Goddesses!

Welcome the time of year between Christmas and New Years when you find yourself in limbo, recovering from the pre-Christmas rush and not yet ready to hit ‘go’ again on normal life, most people begin thinking about goals for the year about to begin.

I personally (happily) gave up on New Year's resolutions several years ago. I found them depressing and demoralising as I noticed several items reappearing on the list year after year. Was something wrong with me? Why was I not accomplishing these goals? Let alone the 87 new goals I had also created.

I realised that I work best in cycles, just like nature. Sometimes I focus on business goals, sometimes body goals and sometimes personal goals. This will also fluctuate throughout the month, depending on how I feel. I believe that most women forget that our bodies operate on a (rough) 28 day cycle, not a 24 hour cycle like men do. We are not built to get up and do the same thing day in, day out at the same speed (or faster than yesterday) for 40+ years of our life.

Each month our bodies cycle through a version of Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Some weeks we’re going to function at an amazing speed (Spring) and get a million things done. Other weeks we are highly intuitive and creative (Summer), or operate on autopilot (Autumn) or slow down and recuperate (Winter). There’s no need to berate ourselves for our bodies cycling through the seasons and not operating at constant ‘man’ speed.

I have found that instead of setting goals for each year, I choose a theme that feels right for me. This year it’s about time and doing less. For example, unsubscribing to the emails I’m not 100% into as they create a feeling of anxiety for me - it’s something else on my to-do list that I feel I must get through every day (make sure you complete our survey so we only send you emails about topics you really care about!). Saying no to managing or coaching a child’s sporting team, the P&C, the cousins wedding that you actually don’t want to go to (they’ve probably only invited you out of obligation and you’d be saving them the cost of your dinner).

Saying yes to playing more with my children. Saying yes to buying a Roomba to vacuum my floors and hiring a cleaner once a month to do a deep clean. Saying yes to hiring people, even on an hourly basis to help me do the parts of my business that I’m not best at.

Say Yes! to doing less so you can do more! More life, more fun, more memories.

And try focusing on Revolutions (ie your cycles) not Resolutions this year.

Hit reply and tell me what your goals or themes are for 2022!

xo Carly

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