The power of positive thinking

I just finished reading a book called The Power. It’s a follow up to The Secret. Whilst some may poo poo anything about the Law of attraction, like I wish for a Lamborghini and it appeared! But the I really liked the message of you get what you give. It resonated with me that to get positivity happiness and love from people around you, you must first be a shining light for all of those things. If you want people around you to be happy, your relationship to be better, then becoming what you wish will return to you. I loved this message and it is so true.  Here is our tip for getiing everything you want from life:

Think about the things you that love, like really really love. It might be your kids, your partner, a hobby, or something else. It might be a skirt that makes you look fantastic, it might be an eye shadow that makes your eyes really pop. It could just be seeing the sun shine on a lovely warm spring day. Just take some time to think about ALL the things you love.

Amplify that feeling. Imagine that feeling of love inside you is like a ball of light, just growing and getting more powerful, lighter and brighter with every little thing that you add into the ball. The ball is right in your middle of your chest and it is just glowing like crazy you feel like it might actually fly right out of your body.

Carry this ball of light around with you every moment of every day. Whenever you speak to someone, in person or over the phone, picture that you are sharing a little piece of your ball with them. It is a tiny unique light of love that you are willing to give to them, with no thought of return. You want to give it because you have so much to give!


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