Who is the new guy?

It’s Just Salad.

But not Just Salad, delicious fresh healthy nutritious raw and vegan salads, plus juice, plus breakfast, plus snacks!  What more could you want??

A lot of our cleansers love to get on the juice, ramp up their health, and then want to continue the good work but don’t feel they have the time/skill/inclination to do it themselves. That is where we come in. We have designed a whole food cleanse program that is nutritious, filling, tasty and convenient with the same fresh delivery we pride ourselves on. 

Kicking off from Monday 24th October we will be offering our new My Healthy Day pack across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. 

The program has customisable daily structure like this:

1. Muesli with fresh fruit for breakfast

2. One of our famous juices for morning tea

3. Fresh salad for lunch

4. Nutty protein ball for afternoon tea 

5. Amazing salad for dinner.  

And still just $60/day (plus delivery).

The meal structures follow our protocol for healthy, sustainable plant based eating with mostly raw ingredients, vegetable based proteins and correct portion sizes. 

We have delish new salads like mushroom and black bean, beetroot and almond, and zucchini noodles with corn, you can check out the full menu here.

You can ORDER ONLINE HERE to commence Monday 24th (please note any orders that are received for dates BEFORE 24TH will be re-allocated to commence on Monday 24th).

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