Winter Cleanse Series - Beauty Product Detox

I have to say, I'm getting pretty excited - the weather has been beautiful and quite warm during the day. Spring is definitely on its way! Yay!

Something that comes naturally to us in the Spring and Summertime is being more natural. Our bodies seem to crave wearing natural fibres, consuming natural juices and eating more natural foods. Have you ever noticed feeling like that? Which makes this weeks Winter Detox topic perfect timing - using more natural products at home.

What better place to start than your own body? How often do you think about the number of products you use in the morning to get ready? As a very basic example, you would use soap, facial cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, eye cream, moisturiser, body lotion and toothpaste. There's probably not much make-up going on at the moment lol, but consider that too. Have you ever looked at the ingredients in each of those products? I bet some sound pretty scary and scientific. That's because they're made in a lab, not by nature. 

Most people don't realise how many toxins and chemicals they're applying to their skin (your largest detox organ!) every day. Here are some simple swaps for you:

Toothpaste - most are filled with chemicals such as parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which have been linked to some cancers. Whitening toothpastes often contain abrasive ingredients that can cause damage to your enamel. Recent studies have also found questionable results regarding fluoride and its usefulness in preventing tooth decay. If you prefer to opt-out of questionable ingredients, try a natural toothpaste such as Grants (with the cute koala on the package) or Jack n Jill.

Shampoo & Conditioner - if you're looking for an easily accessible swap (ie - available in the supermarket) the Organics brand is surprisingly good considering it's cheap price. Both of my teenage girls approve and they're very concerned about the appearance of their hair! An amazing company attempting to drastically reduce the amount of plastic being used by households called Zero Co have just launched a bathroom range including body wash, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant. If you're on the sustainability bus, try Seed & Sprout as they offer a range of body bars, 2 shampoo bars and a conditioner, all of which can be purchased in handy sample packs.

Deodorant - Seed & Sprout also offer a natural deodorant. It works well, it's slightly less convenient than other options as it's not available as a roll-on - it comes in a tin with an applicator. I personally have been using Asuvi for a couple of years now. It was very refreshing to find a natural (Australian made) deodorant that actually worked! I had gone through many duds that left me smelly and sweaty before I found this brand. I like the Palm Grove scent. You can also order trial sizes to test the range and select a fragrance you like. Click here to use my affiliate code to get 10% off your first purchase. Natural deodorant is an important one to integrate into your routine as the aluminium used in normal deodorants to suppress sweating is absorbed by your body, which accumulates in the breast tissue and has been shown to change how your body responds to oestrogen. The research on whether aluminium causes cancer is still questionable, but I'd rather keep my girls aluminium free just in case.

Face care - Seed & Sprout again carry a facial cleansing bar that comes in a tin that can be kept and reused with their bar refills. The main thing to keep in mind here is using products that are as natural, organic and chemical-free as possible. If you're a strict supermarket shopper, try Sukin. If you're keen to explore, check out Flora & Fauna. They have a huge range of natural face creams, bars and make-up. Be prepared shopping there - I often come away with loads of amazing products - many I hadn't intended to buy lol. 

It's super easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of choice available these days as so many companies are creating their own organic products. My tip is to start with the most basic of products that you use every day and pick one brand to try for each product. Give them a fair trial and then judge them. Seed & Sprout have a fantastic, honest article here about what to expect when moving to a natural deodorant. Lockdown sounds like the perfect time to make the move! ;) There will be an adaption time for each new product - give your body time to detox any questionable ingredients from your current products.

And don't forget that we're here if you need some extra help detoxing. Make sure you grab a soup cleanse so you can try our 2 new soups!


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