Winter Cleanse Series - Transformation

Last week I spoke about the importance of taking time to reflect. I know that right now many of you are in lockdown (again). 

If you are someone who is working from home or has unfortunately been stood down as a result, I implore you to find the silver lining. This is the perfect opportunity to take the time to reflect on your job - how fulfilling is it really? What skills do you have that you could most advertise to other employers? Is it time to research starting that business you’ve been thinking about? 

Lockdown can be a fabulous time to embark on new personal adventures - maybe personal development books or courses? Or a new fitness routine? A new wardrobe if funds will allow (thank God for online shopping!).

If you’re anything like me and love the idea of emerging from lockdown as a super sparkly new and improved version of yourself then the world could not have brought you a better (forced) opportunity to emerge from all this like a butterfly from a cocoon. 

We’re here to support you if a new healthy lifestyle is something you choose to (sneakily) undertake 😘

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