Winter Cleanse Series - Hibernation

Welcome to the Easy Ways to Detox at Home During Winter series. 

Do you feel less energetic during the Winter months? Do you find it harder to motivate yourself to exercise? Or do anything really? That’s totally ok!

We get so busy with the routine of work, children, sporting commitments, cleaning the house, gardening and don’t forget trying to fit in some fun and a social life (outside of lockdown) that we have forgotten to live within the cyclical nature of the seasons. 

Winter is the season of hibernation. Bears are most well known for hibernating, but so do bats, hedgehogs amd groundhogs for example. Our bodies are designed to feel awake during the hours when the sun is up and to wind-down as the sun sets. Our bodies naturally start producing melatonin in the absence of the sun, which prepares us to sleep. We are evolutionarily designed to sleep more in Winter and when it’s cold to conserve energy. 

So work hard during the daylight hours, but rest in the nighttime and go to bed early. There’s no reason to beat yourself up for feeling more lethargic at this time of year - it’s literally built into your DNA!

Anyway, who needs to be coerced to hop into a super toasty bed?! 🛌 

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